Presidential Evaluation Policy

Policy Type: Board-Staff Relationship
Date Approved October 22, 2015
Effective DateOctober 22, 2015
Date Reviewed
Date Revised
Date Approved October 22, 2015
Effective DateOctober 22, 2015
Date Reviewed
Date Revised


  1. In keeping with good governance practice, the Board of Governors of Cambrian College is committed to implementing a fair and unbiased, formal performance management process to assess the effectiveness of the College President on a regular and on‐going basis.  By employing a formal process, performance expectations can be made clear for both the Board and the President.  The President, Board Chair, and each individual Board member have responsibilities for ensuring the consistency and effectiveness of this process.


  1. The purpose of performance management is to:
    • Ensure the President and Board effectively work together to achieve the goals and priorities of the
      College, consistent with the approved Strategic and Operational / Business plans
    • Identify where performance gaps may exist and develop plans to address those shortfalls
    • Foster open, transparent, two‐way communication as a way to build trust between Board and
    • Allow for a determination of compensation and other performance awards

Performance Management Process

  1. The performance management process consists of:
    • Defining the criteria upon which the performance will be evaluated
    • Determining specific goals / objectives to be achieved including specifying the measures for goal
    • Determining the behavioural competencies required of the President for successful goal achievement
    • The Board receiving progress reports from the President on a regular basis throughout the
      performance year
    • A formal evaluation of the President’s performance relative to the criteria established at the outset
    • Feedback to the President on the evaluation findings.

Role of the President

    • Working with the Board Chair (and as appropriate other designated Board members), the President
      will be responsible for providing the Board with preliminary performance objectives, derived from the
      Strategic and Business / Operational Plans by February.
    • The President will keep the Board informed of progress toward the achievement of the agreed upon
      objectives on a regular basis (September and February.)
    • At the end of the performance year – March 31, the President will provide the Board with a selfassessment
      of his / her achievements on meeting the agreed upon goals and performance measures.
    • The President will be an active participant in the performance evaluation and feedback session to be
      completed no later than June with Board Chair or Designate, identifying opportunities for future
      improvements including participating in the completion of a Learning and Development plan for future

Role of the Board Chair

    • The Board Chair will assume a lead role in keeping the lines of communication open with the
      President, including providing regular and constructive feedback on the President’s effectiveness in
      meeting the results and behavioural competencies of the performance plan and ensuring that all
      agreed upon timelines with respect to the performance management process are adhered to.
    • The Board Chair (or Designate) will manage the process of obtaining Board member feedback on the
      evaluation of the President’s achievements and competencies.
    • The Board Chair (or Designate) will compile the feedback from the Board and ensure the preparation
      of a report outlining the evaluation of the various items on the performance plan, an overall
      evaluation and an assessment of key strengths of the President, as well as any areas identified for
    • When appropriate, the Board Chair will recommend to the Board performance based compensation
      awards for the President.

Role of the Board Members

    • Board members will participate in the development / approval of the performance objectives of the
      President on an annual basis.
    • They will receive and, as required, ask questions related to the progress being made relative to the
      achievement of the agreed upon objectives during the year.
    • External Board members will provide their individual assessment of the effectiveness of the
      President’s performance to the Board Chair (or Designate) when asked.
    • Board members will provide constructive feedback on the performance management process and
      performance criteria to the Board Chair in order to improve the utility of the process for future years.
    • Board members will respect the confidentiality of the performance management process, including
      the performance objectives to be achieved, the performance ratings assigned to the performance
      criteria and the deliberations of the Board with respect to determining the President’s performance
      rating and the determination of any rewards flowing from those discussions.


  1. The timeframes and roles outlined in this policy may need to be revised in the event of a new
    incumbent President during the first year of appointment.