Retreat Policy


1. The purpose of the Board Retreat is to address Board planning needs.

2. Learning is at the heart of Cambrian College. That philosophy extends beyond the College’s students, faculty, and staff, to the Board of Governors. The values adopted by the College provide the framework for learning, development, and planning activities offered to Board members at their annual retreat:

a. Respect

i. We respect the dignity and uniqueness of each individual

ii. We believe in the fundamental right of people to realize their potential

iii. We value the cultural and linguistic heritage of each person

b. Trust

i. We believe in the integrity of each person and that his/her motives are trustworthy

ii. We trust each other as individuals sharing ideas, seeking opinions and accommodating differences

c. Excellence

i. We strive for excellence in all of our endeavours

ii. We take pride in providing services of the highest quality

d. Creativity

i. We value originality and vision

ii. We encourage initiative and flexibility

iii. We promote creativity in its broadest form of expression

iv. We challenge each person to be a risk-taker to fulfill his/her maximum potential

3. While the format, content and duration may vary from year to year, every year there will be an additional meeting of the Board, referred to as the Board Retreat. All Governors are expected to participate each year in a Board Retreat, designed to supplement orientation to new Board members, provide Board development and learning activities, support Board governance, and promote team building and cohesion. These activities will serve as a foundation for reflection on the events of the past year, and essential strategic and long-range thinking, which shall be a desired outcome of the Retreat.

4. Planning for the event shall be initiated each year in August by the Board Chair, the Board Vice Chair, the President and the Board Secretary. Based on input from the Board, they will design and deliver the agenda for the Retreat, utilizing senior management and other resources as necessary in its development.

5. The agenda should include:

a. Review of the College Vision and Mission, and Values of the Board;

b. Board self-assessment results;

c. Policy Governance;

d. Review of Board activities of the previous year;

e. Establishment of strategic priorities and planning for upcoming year;

f. Review of Board Ends policies

g. Team-building exercises.

6. The Board Planning Retreat will be evaluated by Board members in attendance to confirm the goals were met for the Planning Retreat. The evaluation results will be shared with all Board members at the next Board meeting.