Attendance Policy

Approved by: Senior Executive Committee – March 10, 2010

Approved by: Academic Advisory Council – March 5, 2010

Effective Date – March 10, 2010

Replaces – September 2005


A study of the available research indicates that attendance is statistically significant in explaining class grade and overall academic performance of students. Students who frequently miss class significantly increase their odds of a poor grade in a given course. Cambrian College is committed to student success. Because of the direct correlation between academic performance and attendance, the College encourages all students to abide by the following attendance policy.

The Policy

Cambrian College students are responsible for their own education. In order to receive the intended benefits of their courses students should attend all classes, labs, and tutorials. Students are also expected to adhere to the attendance policy for clinical, field, and co-op placements that are part of the course curriculum and as described in the course outline. Students who are absent from any classes, labs, or tutorials are responsible for learning any material missed within the published deadlines. The College is not responsible for ensuring that any missed material is provided to the students.

Full attendance is strongly encouraged in all courses. At the beginning of each course, students must be advised of their attendance requirements, and these requirements will also be stated in the course outline. The impact of non-attendance on grades will also be outlined at the beginning of the course and in the course outline.

A student may make up missed work only at the discretion of the course professor or instructor. Missed assignments, tests, or other evaluative tools could result in the forfeiture of grades as described in the course outline. Students should notify their course professor or instructor, in advance, if they are going to be absent for any reason and discuss the possibility of alternate arrangements for the completion and grading of any missed assignments, tests, or other evaluative tools as stipulated in the course outline.

No varsity student athlete will be disadvantaged while representing the College. However, the onus is on the student to make advanced alternate arrangements with the course professor or instructor for missed classes and/or missed assignments, tests, or other evaluative tools.

Refer to attached Golden Shield Varsity Athletics Attendance Policy.

Golden Shield – Varsity Athletics Attendance Policy

Every Varsity Student-Athlete is responsible for attending classes and completing all of his/her course assignments.

The student athletes who miss classes due to varsity competition will not be disadvantaged by being marked absent as long as they have informed their instructors, well in advance, of the actual date and have made the necessary alternate arrangements for tests, assignments, notes, and presentations.

Sports schedules are set for the entire year verifying the competition dates. An electronic copy of the competition schedule will be forwarded to all faculty. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to ensure that his/her instructor have seen and been made aware of the schedule. It is also the responsibility of the student athlete, in collaboration with his/her instructor, to make the aforementioned alternate arrangements.

Student athletes who are in programs that are mandated to have students attend a set number of hours in order to graduate must ensure with the instructors that missed class hours can be rescheduled. If missed hours cannot be rescheduled, the affected student athlete should not participate in that varsity competition as it is often too difficult to schedule time in labs due to student space availability.

Student athletes, who are successful in qualifying for playoffs in Provincial or National competitions, will be required to be away from classes for longer periods of time. It is his/her responsibility to discuss the impact of advancing to these levels of competition with their professor early on in the semester and as the season progresses in order to make it reasonable to accommodate. Faculty will make every reasonable effort to accommodate a varsity athlete who has advanced to playoffs at the Provincial or National level.