Auditing a Credit Policy

Academic Advisory Council Approval: January 2, 2007

Executive Committee Approval: September 2007

Effective Date Revised with no changes – November 4, 2011

Replaces – N/A


A student may want to register in a credit course for general knowledge and/or other personal reasons without the obligation of completing the evaluations, which culminates in the awarding of a final grade. As such, the College provides students the opportunity to register in credit courses as audit, eliminating the grading requirements.


Students registering in credit courses as audit will not be required to undertake course examinations or assignments nor will they receive a credit. The course will be recorded on the transcript and a grade of “AU” (audit) will be assigned. The course will not apply toward any Cambrian College diploma or certificate.

Students auditing courses are not required to complete or submit assignments, or write tests or final examinations. Faculty may, however, permit students to write tests and assignments for general comments and feedback, but under no circumstance will these be marked or graded.

Students must respect and follow the attendance policy as stated within the course outline. In some instances, sporadic attendance may be disruptive to the class and/or may result in conditions becoming unsafe for students. In such instances, faculty have the right to refuse entry into the class.

A student who is auditing a course may convert his/her audit status to “registered” before the deadline for registration. For full-time programs, the deadline is the tenth day of the beginning of the semester and for continuing education courses, the deadline is prior to the start of the second scheduled class. A student may not challenge a course through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition process after he/she has audited it.

Courses taken as audit are not considered in determining a student’s full-time or part-time enrolment status nor are they used in determining a course load for the purpose of financial aid.

Audit fees will be set through the College’s tuition fee protocol and will be consistent with the Tuition Fee Policy as established by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

A student must declare his/her audit status through the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration and pay the appropriate course fees.


This policy applies only to credit courses delivered in a classroom setting. Because of the nature of certain courses, class size restrictions, space constraints, possible legal restrictions, and/or safety factors, permission of the appropriate program coordinator is required for registration with audit status.