Submission of Electronic Grades Policy

Approved by: Academic Advisory Council – April 6, 2015

Approved by: Senior Executive Committee – April 8, 2015

Effective Date – April 8, 2015

Replaces – SE10-May 2010

Position Statement

Electronic grades is a submission process of the electronic grade book. It has the ability to:

  • Calculate grades.
  • Submit midterm and final grades to the student information system.
  • Track both numerical and alpha grades.


All grades are to be submitted via Cambrian College’s electronic grade book submission program – electronic grades. All grades must be consistent with the evaluation criteria articulated in the course outlines.


For information on how to use electronic grades, including reference documents, FAQs, definitions and glossary of terms, see the electronic grades section in StaffNet. Additional information on student and faculty rights and responsibilities with regards to student marks can be found in the Coursework Assessment Feedback Policy, and Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.

Electronic Grade (eGrade) Viewing Period

Electronic Grade (eGrade) viewing will be available throughout the semester. Students will have access to their grades through the electronic grade system (eGrades) until the final day of the academic term. Student will access their final official grades through the official student system portal (myCambrian/Banner).

Faculty will have the opportunity to access their grades through the electronic grade system (eGrades) until the deadline for the Grade Review Appeal Policy which is 21 calendar days (not business days) after the final grades are posted. During the grade processing period, Faculty access to the electronic grade system (eGrades) will be temporarily closed in order to allow for systems processes.


While the large majority of courses are compatible with electronic grades it should be noted that some courses fall outside the normal stream of operations. At this time alternative processes for courses outside the normal stream will be fully supported. Support will also be provided to Deans and academic supervisors when exceptions to the normal stream must be made.

Until further notice all Continuing Education courses, Upgrading and Apprenticeship Programs are also exempt from the requirement to enter grades into electronic grades