Employment Accommodation Policy

Date Approved June 1, 2017
Date Reviewed
Date Revised
Date Approved June 1, 2017
Date Reviewed
Date Revised


Cambrian College has a commitment to treating all of its employees equitably and to
accommodating individual differences in employees that are related to human rights protected
grounds, such as permanent or temporary disability, religion, and gender. Accommodation is
the reasonable adjustment of a person’s workplace, responsibilities, schedule, or job
assignment to accommodate individual differences by removing barriers which prevent an
otherwise qualified individual from performing, or fulfilling, the essential duties of a job.


Fairness and Equity
  • Ensuring decisions are made in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, AODA, and other relevant legislation.

  • Ensuring the accommodation responds to the specific needs and circumstances of the person while helping to foster a culture and work environment that is supportive.

  • Ensuring that the person being accommodated is involved in the process and plan design.

Partnership and Consultation
  • Involving the employee, administrators of the college, union representatives and any third parties with required specialized expertise (e.g. extended health plan representative, WSIB representative, doctors, religious leaders, etc.), when appropriate, in developing an accommodation plan.

Shared Responsibility and Accountability
  • All parties involved in developing an accommodation (the supervisor, the employee) and other stakeholders (Human Resources, management, union, other employees) share the responsibility for identifying options and for implementing these options in good faith.

Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Dignity
  • Ensuring that storage of and access to records, as well as written and oral communication related to an accommodation reflect consideration for the privacy and dignity of the person.

Undue Hardship
  • The College attempts to accommodate the employment needs of employees up to the point of undue hardship. The Ontario Human Rights Code prescribes three considerations in assessing whether an accommodation could cause undue hardship: cost, outside sources of funding, and health and safety considerations. Information on the concept of undue hardship can be accessed on the Ontario Human Rights Commission website.

Application / Scope

This policy applies to all College employees.

Policy Statements

The following guiding principles have been integrated into the Employment Accommodation Procedures
which outlines the process to be followed by College administration when responding to individual
employee requests for accommodation.

In addition, in accordance with section 10(3) of the Ontario Human Rights Code, with respect to past or
presumed disabilities, individuals have the right to equal treatment without discrimination because a
person has or has had a disability or is believed to have or have had a disability.

  • Fairness and Equity:
  • Individualization:
  • Inclusion:
  • Partnership and Consultation:
  • Shared Responsibility and Accountability:
  • Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Dignity:
  • Undue Hardship:

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Employee
    • Request accommodation
    • Provide medical verification: limitations and restrictions
    • Meet with supervisor and, where needed, Human Resources, to discuss accommodation plan
    • Communicate regularly with supervisor about progress of accommodation
  • Supervisor:
    • Seed advice from Human Resources when accommodation requested
    • Identify work that meets limitations and restrictions
    • Develop accommodation plan
    • Monitor employee accommodation progress
  • Human Resources (e.g., Benefits Management Coordinator)
    • Assist in the development of accommodation plan
    • Help resolve barriers or disagreements
    • Participate in ongoing evaluation of accommodation plan

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