Equity, Human Rights, and Accessibility

Cambrian’s Equity, Human Rights, and Accessibility department along with Security, and the Women’s Campus Safety committee support a variety of initiatives, including:

  • establishing violence prevention policies;
  • improving the physical plants, and/or safety and security measures; and
  • providing prevention/education activities.

This work helps with the prevention of all forms of violence against women students, faculty and staff on campus.

When we create a safe campus for women, we create a safe campus for all!

Our Purpose

  • to provide a comfortable and safe place to work and/or study
  • to provide information, services and resources
  • to educate the College community about equity, diversity, discrimination and harassment
  • to provide information about rights and responsibilities

Women’s Safety Awareness Campaign

The most recent campus-wide response to women’s campus safety is a thought-provoking poster campaign that embodies the essence of women’s spirits with flowers; they symbolize all that is beautiful and delicate in this world.  Like flowers, our spirits can be damaged but not broken – always able to recover.

Cambrian’s Equity, Human Rights, and Accessibility department along with Security and the Women’s Campus Safety Committee recognize how important it is for everyone to feel safe when working or studying on campus. Therefore, this campaign will provide valuable insight and timely advice about safety related issues.

Awareness is the first line of defence in ensuring everyone’s safety! Feel free to visit this site whenever you, or someone you know, needs help or support. For more information, visit AODA.

Carla John, Manager, Equity, Human Rights, and Accessibility566-8101,
extension 7235
Room 4089Ecarla.john@cambrianinternational.ca
John Hammill, Manager
Safety and Security Services
566-8101, extension 7970Room 2411john.hammill@cambrianinternational.ca
Health and Wellness Clinic566-8101, extension 7279Room 2208Healthandwellness@cambrianinternational.ca
Counselling Centre566-8101, extension 7311Room 2504counselling@cambrianinternational.ca
Human Resources566-8101, extension 7893Room 4089kimberly.lavoie@cambrianinternational.ca
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