Full Non-Smoking Policy

Position Statement

Cambrian College’s non-smoking policy is intended to provide a safe and healthy environment and to prevent damage to College property.

Smoking, which includes e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any Cambrian-owned vehicle or building. The front entrance to Cambrian College, extending and including, the Student Centre and the entire courtyard is entirely smoke-free, as is the main entrance to the Industrial Trades Building.

Other entrances to the College continue to be governed by the City of Greater Sudbury Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-Law 2002-300 that states that smoking is not permitted within a 9 metre (30-foot) radius of any entrance.

Smokers must use ashtrays and other containers.

Tobacco products or e-cigarettes will not be advertised or sold in any Cambrian building.

This policy will be reviewed periodically in consultation with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Executive Authority

The Vice President, Finance and Administration, has executive responsibility for the policy.


All College staff and students are responsible for implementation of the policy.

All members of the College community and visitors to the College shall adhere to and respect the terms of this policy.

Repeat offenders of the policy should be brought to the attention of the Director, Facilities Management and/or designate. Penalties (warnings and fines) will be imposed on those who do not adhere to the policy.


“No Smoking” signs shall be permanently posted in all designated areas and reminders will be published periodically.

Smoking cessation Assistance

The College may run smoking cessation programs from time to time in support of the broader health goal that underpins this policy.