Student Complaint Procedure

Informal Appeal
Meet with staff to review complaintStudent/Graduate
At meeting, state complaint clearly, preferably in writing. If complaint is put in writing, retain a copy.Student/Graduate
Listen to the concerns of the students and seek clarification, if needed.Staff
Explore ways to resolve the concerns.Staff and Student/Graduate
Agree on a way to resolve the concerns and write down the solution for reference and for action/distribution as appropriate.Staff and Student/Graduate
If unable to resolve the issue, proceed to Formal Complaint Procedure.Student/Graduate
Formal Complaint Procedure
If unable or unwilling to approach the appropriate college staff, or if concerns have not been resolved informally with the staff member as described in Section 1 above, meet with the Manager of Client Services.Student/Graduate
At the meeting, present a completed and signed copy of the Student Complaint Form (Appendix 2).Student
Hear the student(s)’ complaints and ask points of clarification.Manager of Client Services
After the form has been filed, within five (5) business days, the Manager, Client Services shall log the complaint and direct it to the most accountable supervisor (the administrator) for reviewAdministrator
The information is reviewed and it is determined whether the complaint has merit. The student and staff may be interviewed as part of the process.Administrator
If the complaint lacks merit (e.g. if student(s)/graduate have not regularly attended class or completed assignments, or cannot identify a specific area of concern), inform the student(s)/graduate and Manager of Client Services in writing using Section 2 of the Issue/Complaint Form and provide reasons why no further action will be taken.  Administrator and Manager of Client Services
If the complaint is against an employee, provide the employee with an opportunity to respond to the complaint.Employee
If appropriate, bring the staff member and students together to discuss the situation, clarify the complaint, and develop a strategy to resolve the complaint.Administrator
A decision must be documented on the Complainant Issue / Complaint Form and provided to the Manager, Client Services no later than twenty (20) business days after the filing of the complaint.Administrator
If no response is received by the Manager of Client Services, the Administrator’s Supervisor will be notified of the complaint.Manager of Client Services
The decision shall be conveyed in writing to the complainant within five (5) business days of receiving it and a record kept for not less than five years.Manager of Client Services
Within five (5) business days of receiving the decision an appeal may be requested stating the grounds for appeal on a Request for Appeal Form (Appendix 3) which is presented to the Manager of Client Services.Student/Graduate
If appropriate grounds for appeal are confirmed, a committee is convened which is made up of persons not directly involved in the original determination.Senior Administrator
If the appeal is denied by the Senior Administrator, the student will be notified.Manager of Client Services
The committee will consist of the AVP Student and Employee Development, the VP Academic or the VP Finance and Administration, who will act as the Chair, one Administrator, one Student Government Representative, and one Faculty or Support Staff Representative. The Chair will have a vote and will be responsible for ensuring that the members of the Committee are free of conflict of interest related to the case being heard. Every attempt will be made for the Committee to hear the appeal within five (15) business days of the confirmation of the Committee.
Within fifteen (15) business days the complainant is provided the details related to the process, timing and location of the Hearing.Manager of Client Services