Planning and Institutional Research

Cambrian’s Planning and Institutional Research team provides leadership and support in the areas of research, planning, student learning outcomes and quality assurance to support the College’s mission, effectiveness and student success.

Specific functions include:

  • Academic planning support and outcomes assessment
  • Government reporting (Multi-Year Accountability Agreement, Strategic Mandate Agreement, College Business Plan, College Annual Plan, Key Performance Indicators)
  • Quality assurance audits and management
  • Survey development, facilitation, analysis and reporting
  • Support for enrolment planning and forecasting
  • New program planning/development.
  • Program management processes
  • Performance metrics development, monitoring and analysis (college scorecard, divisional and program scorecards)
  • Inter-college comparisons and benchmarking
  • Environmental scans and market analyses
  • Research, data analysis and report generation
  • Proposal review and development for fund acquisition
  • Community outreach and labour market analysis

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Cambrian Research Ethics

Cambrian College will promote and facilitate the use of research in the College community in order to contribute to the development and application of knowledge, to critically examine practices and keep current with merging knowledge relevant to education, and to promote professional practice. The College is committed to ensuring that all research meets the highest scientific and ethical standards.

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Dean, Planning and Institutional Research
Sherrill McCall
705-566-8101, extension 7888

Manager of Institutional Research
Amanda Paquette
705-566-8101, extension 7550

Manager of Quality Assurance
Sylvie Mainville
705-566-8101, extension 6237

Research Analyst
Christopher Schubert
705-566-8101, extension 6216

Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Rancourt
705-566-8101, extension 6376