The 7-1-7 Semester: Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the feedback we’ve received from students, faculty, and staff, we felt that providing a Study Week in each semester gives students their best chance to succeed in and out of the classroom. It allows students time to catch up on assignments, study or rest and unwind. The 7-1-7 semester schedule also aligns us with the majority of other Ontario post-secondary institutions.

The majority of Cambrian programs will align with the 7-1-7 semester. Some programs that are shorter in length, such as Apprenticeship or the English for Academic Purposes (EAPP) program will continue with their current semester layout. Some other non-postsecondary programs like Academic Upgrading will also be excluded. Additional information will be directly provided to students in these programs.

Starting in Fall 2020, a Study Week will take place each semester, which is the 7-1-7 system.

Effective Fall 2020, the Fall Study Day is being replaced by a Fall Study Week. There will be a Study Week each semester and it will happen after the first 7 weeks of class.

No, it will not align with Thanskgiving. The College is adopting a 7-1-7 model where Study Week will consistently occur after the first seven weeks of class. It will then be followed by another 7 weeks of class time.

Yes, the residence will be open during the entire Study Week.

Yes, all campuses and services will be open during Study Week. Each program area will be developing schedules for their labs should students be interested in using Study Week to reinforce their learning. These schedules will be shared via myCambrian.

Even though there are no formal classes, faculty will be available during Study Week to provide academic support. You should contact your faculty directly about setting up an appointment if you would like to meet with them during Study Week.

Your program will still finish in the same number of weeks, therefore your VISA should not be impacted. Contact the International Student Services Centre if you have any specific questions.

Your professor and program coordinator will work to ensure there is sufficient time to cover all course materials and assignments within the semester. Please contact your professor for any specific questions.

This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, typically these will continue during Study Week. Please discuss with your professor or placement coordinator.

During Study Week, no course assignments will be due and no tests or exams will take place. However, in cases where a professor has provided prior approval, some students may be accessing the services of our Glenn Crombie Centre or the Test Centre in order to complete rescheduled tests and assignments. Discuss specific course-related questions with your professor.

No, your credit hours will not be impacted by the addition of a Study Week.

Course/program curricula will be planned in accordance with a 7-1-7 semester schedule and learning outcomes will be achieved.

Yes, your professor will provide details to you. You can also refer to the Academic Schedule for more information.

Your tuition fees are based on course credits. Because the courses are still at the same value of credits, there is no impact on the tuition fee.