Academic Dishonesty

At Cambrian College we believe in integrity, honesty, and expect the highest standards from everyone.

Honesty – It’s Always the Best Policy

It is in the interest of all students and the College to ensure that the learning environment is free from all behaviour that would jeopardize the teaching and learning process.  Such behaviour might include, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, uttering of false statements to obtain concessions, and falsification of information.

First Offence

A student caught cheating for the first time will receive an automatic zero for the specific test or assignment.

Second Offence

A student caught cheating for a second time, whether in the same course or a different course, will receive an automatic “F” grade for that course.

Third Offence

A student caught cheating for a third time, regardless of the course involved, will receive an automatic suspension from all college programs for two years.

A record of all offences is maintained in the student record housed in the Office of the Registrar.