Student Life Centre meal plans

Students… Don’t want to carry cash on campus? Tired of searching for change for your coffee or snacks?  Worried about making your food allowance last for the entire school year?

Parents / Guardians… Would you like to be certain that your son or daughter is eating well throughout the academic year? Want to be sure that your money is going towards food?

Then a Student Life Centre meal plan card is the answer!

How do the meal plan cards work?

The cards work similar to debit cards. Each time you make a purchase, the total cost is subtracted from the dollar balance on the account.

Do I have to place a minimum amount of money on the card?

Yes; you must start with a minimum balance of $150 but you're free to add any amount to that.

What benefits do the meal plan cards offer?

  • Convenience – There is no need to carry cash, it is quicker to get through cashiers, and there are no dishes or clean-up afterwards, which means more time for homework and for studying!

  • Security – If your card is stolen or lost, simply contact us and we will cancel your card and issue a replacement.

  • Save money and time – Fewer visits to the ATM machine will result in fewer service charges to your bank account. Less travelling to and from fast food outlets and grocery stores, fewer take-out orders, and no more paying your roommate to do the dishes will also save you time and money!

Can I buy alcohol with my card?

No; the card is for food only.

Does my balance roll over into next year if I don’t use it all?

Yes; as long as there is money on the card, you can use it.

If I leave school, do I get my money back?

No; the card is non-refundable.

How do I purchase a meal plan card?

Visit the Student Life Centre and purchase it directly from a staff member or call us to place an order by phone at 705-524-7390. Cards ordered by phone can be picked up from the Student Life Centre office in Room 2301.

For more information, please contact Marisa Cheslock or call 705-524-7390.