Documentation: Cambrian Creative Services

Marketing and communications staff provide a wide range of services to promote and share information about the College’s programs, services, events, and initiatives.

Complete one of the following online forms to get your project started today.


Enlist our graphic designers to create your marketing and/or corporate materials. Requests for promotional items can also be submitted through this form.

Cambrian Logo

Need an electronic copy of the Cambrian College logo for an internal document or a project with an external partner? Provide us with the specifications, and we’ll provide you with the appropriate version of the logo.


Use this form to submit changes for a particular web page or section.

TV Screen Content

Do you have a College event or service you want to promote on our various TV screens? Use this form to submit a request. Space and time of display are limited so, so keep content to the essentials (event/announcement, date, time, location, brief description of 8-10 words, and contact person).

Download Example Template.

All TV screens will be updated on Mondays. You must submit a request for content the previous Monday (5 business days). Marketing and Communications reserves the right to reject photos or graphics that do not meet quality/brand standards

Event Coverage

Do you have an upcoming event that you would like covered by media and/or social media? Provide your event details below. Please also upload any documents relevant to your request.


Do you have a College event you want to capture? Are you undertaking a project that would benefit from video support? Please provide as many details as possible about your project, including what message(s) you want to convey and who you want to reach.

General Request

Does your request require the support of various staff? Let our marketing and communications team help you plan, create, and launch your project/initiative. This is also the form to complete if none of the above capture your needs.