Documentation: News Posts

The “Post” post type is one of WordPress’ default types, and is generally used for blog posts. For this reason, it is being used as the post type for “News” items.

To add a new news item, select Posts › Add New from the menu.

To browse all posts, select Posts › All Posts from the menu (or simply click the Posts item in the menu itself).

To edit news-related settings, select Posts › News Post Options from the menu.

Post Fields

This post type is relatively straight forward, with only a handful of configurable options on each individual post item. These include:


Located at the top of the page, the title box allows content editors to provide the news item with a simple title.


Located directly under the title bar, the content area includes a rich-text (visual) editor that allows content editors to input their content, and format it as required. There is also a text-based editing option for content editors with HTML proficiency.

The content area also supports shortcodes.


News posts can be sorted into categories. This can be achieved using the Categories box in the sidebar of the edit screen. To add the post to a category, simply click the checkbox associated with the desired category.

Note that one category will be used for the media releases, to distinguish them from other news posts.

Featured Image

To select a featured image for a news post, find the Featured Image box (generally in the sidebar) and click the “Set featured image” link. This will bring up the WordPress media box, where you can either upload a new image or select and image from the library.

Hide Featured Image

In some instances, content editors may want to use a featured image on a post for display on the home page and News Archive page, but suppress it on the actual post page itself. To do this, find the Hide Featured Image box (generally in the sidebar) and click the checkbox.

News Item Gallery

News items also support the ability to add an image gallery. To build out this gallery, press the Add to Gallery button in the News meta box. Repeat this process for each image that you want to add to the gallery.


In addition to the options that can be set on a single page, there are also a handful of general options that can be set for News Items at a global level.

Featured Posts

Use this option to select the three featured news items that will be displayed on the Home Page and News Archive Page. Each post is selected in an individual dropdown.

Media Centre Page

Use this option to select the Media Centre page. This option will control the URL used in the Media Centre link in the sidebar for news posts.

Media Category

Use this option to select the category that is used to distinguish media releases from other news items.

Load More Button Text

Use this option to define the text that will appear on load more buttons on news archive pages.

Back to News Text

Use this option to define the text that will appear in the “back” buttons on news posts (this button takes users back to the News Archive page).