Documentation: Custom Menus

There are four default menu locations built into the Cambrian WordPress theme. These are the three menus at the top of each page, as well as the footer menu. However, there are page templates (such as the Modules template and the Landing Page template) that allow for the inclusion of custom menus. To add custom menus to these pages, content editors must add custom menu locations.

Adding New Menu Locations

To add a new custom menu location, select Appearance › Custom Menus from the admin menu. This will present a simple screen like the following:

The empty SVG icon form

To add a new menu, click the Add Row button. Then provide a new Menu Area Name and Menu Area ID, as per the following:

The empty SVG icon form

Once you have completed filling out all of the custom menu locations that you want to add, press the Update button to save these new menu locations.

Once the new menu locations have been saved, content editors can create new menus through WordPress’ menus page (Appearance › Menus), and add them to the custom locations.