Documentation: Popular Searches

When a user activates the search box on any of the site’s pages, the displayed box includes a list of “Popular Searches”. The box will appear similar to this:

The empty SVG icon form

In reality, the items in this box are actually manually curated links, which content editors can use to help drive site users to popular pages.

Adding/Editing Popular Results

To add a new result, select Appearance › Popular Searches from the admin menu. This will present a single repeating field that looks something like this:

The empty SVG icon form

To add a new item, simply click the Add Result button and fill out the Text and URL fields. To edit a particular result, simply edit the contents of the Text and/or URL fields.

To save all results, press the Update button.

Deleting a Result

To delete a result from the list, simply hover over the result that you would like to remove. Two icons should appear to the right of the item. Click on the red minus (-) symbol, as follows:

The empty SVG icon form

This will removed the row from the listing of results.

To save all remaining results, press the Update button.