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Did you know that Sudbury is Canada's happiest city? There are plenty of reasons why! Sudbury has entertainment, culture, recreation, and of course, education - everything you'd want and expect from a city. And at Cambrian College, you're close to it all.

Big city life, small town appeal

With a population of 160,000, Sudbury is northern Ontario’s largest municipality, and the economic, cultural, and entertainment hub of the north.

Imagine a place where you are connected to natural beauty

Greater Sudbury is built on the Sudbury basin, a nearly two-billion year-old impact crater (the second largest on earth!). While the core population resides in the urban centre, there are many small communities spread out over 3,200km2 and 330 lakes, which makes for some perfect opportunities to get outdoors.

We are the North

Yes, it snows in Sudbury. No, we don’t dog-sled to school (although you can take a dog-sled tour nearby!). When it’s winter in Sudbury, the snow doesn’t stop us. Cross-country and downhill skiing, skating, snowshoeing, sledding, ice-fishing, or just plain old snowman-building: you can do it all in Sudbury.

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At Cambrian, you'll experience four seasons in a modern city within the great outdoors. Sudbury has something to offer for everyone and every taste.

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On campus, you’ll find places to live, eat, play and make the most of your time here at Cambrian. Whether you are looking for a student group to join, if you need to see a healthcare professional, or require the services of our women’s centre, Cambrian has everything a student needs.

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Things to do in Sudbury

There's never a dull day (or night) in Sudbury. From concerts, to hockey, to nightlife, to fine arts. There's something to do for everyone, every day, in Canada's happiest city.

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