Engineering Technology

Imagine a career in a cutting-edge laboratory, or in a mine 5,000 feet below the ground, or perhaps building a skyscraper or a suspension bridge. Our Engineering Technology programs will combine your interest in science and technology with your passion for shaping the world around you.

There are currently two intakes for programs in this school of study, meaning that in certain programs you can start your studies in January or September.

Interested in a career in engineering technology but not sure where to start?


This preparatory program is designed to expose you to various career options and help you build the skills to be successful in engineering technology programs. You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of work safety, measuring instruments, and hand/power tools. Class projects, such as small engine repair, combined with practical courses in technology, math, English, and computers provide a strong foundation for your college program of choice. You will also have the opportunity to add a recognized industry credential from IHSA to your portfolio (conditions may apply).

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