Law and Justice

Considering a career that makes a difference? At Cambrian, our Law and Justice programs will lead you to a job in policing, correctional services, or corporate security. At Cambrian, you'll hear from the best in the industry and learn from professors who have worked, trained, and learned hands-on in the field or on the beat.

My best experience... I was given to network and make connections with industry professionals.
Courtney Liberte Police Foundations

Challenge Yourself to Learn and Lead

With a diploma from Cambrian’s Law and Justice program you’ll find yourself becoming a natural leader, a team-builder and a problem solver. You’ll find yourself challenged by high-risk situations and Cambrian will equip you with the latest and most modern tools, skills and techniques you’ll need to solve them.


Specialize in One Field or Earn Multiple Diplomas

When you graduate, you can choose to start your career or earn a second diploma in the law and justice program field in just one year.