A Micro-Credential is a Cambrian College Board of Governor’s level certification awarded at Convocation.

In order to be eligible for this certificate, students must complete four courses within the Indigenous Studies area.

Whenever there is a General Education courses within their program, students elect to take one of the four Indigenous Studies courses listed below.  Since each program requires three General Education courses, students must enroll in one additional course (with applicable tuition and other fees), whether as an overload or through an off-stream semester.

SOC 1007 – Introduction to Indigenous Studies

In this course, students will develop an awareness of Indigenous peoples, heritage, culture and history from precolonial North America to the present day. This course will be situated within an Indigenous framework. This framework will provide students with an increased understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary successes and challenges.

SOC 1009 – Introduction to Powwow Culture

In this course, students will explore various Indigenous cultures and study the origins and elements of Powwow culture. Students will examine the historical roots of the Powwow through a post-colonial framework and understand the historical events that led to this celebration of Indigenous heritage and culture. Students will explore all the elements of the powwow including sacred drums, dance, and regalia and apply their knowledge through the creation of a powwow display. Students will further apply their knowledge by developing a plan to coordinate a powwow and if applicable assist in the planning of a Powwow at Cambrian college.

SOC 1012 – Truth and Reconciliation

In this course, students will gain an understanding of the historical factors that contributed to the creation of Residential Schools, including the history of colonization and the relationship between the government and Indigenous communities. Through the exploration of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Archives, students will be encouraged to make a personal connection to the Residential Schools in Northern Ontario. Students will engage with a variety of primary source documents and audio recordings in order to develop a tangible understanding of local history. Students will use the understanding of the history of Residential Schools to further develop a personal understanding of reconciliation. Students will gain an understanding of the history, impact and development of Truth & Reconciliation and will create a personal plan of Reconciliation.

SOC 1015 – Indigenous Arts and Film

In this course, students will explore Indigenous film and other media, such as fiction, visual art, and music. Students will examine representations and fantasies of Indigenous cultures in film since its inception and consider how Indigenous artists, filmmakers, and writers respond to, criticize, or reclaim colonial depictions of their people. Students will gain an understanding of cinematic, narrative, and artistic techniques while engaging with the historical and cultural contexts of films and other media.


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