International students – Request for refunds

Refund Procedures
Effective April 1, 2015

Request for refundBefore Day 10Within 30 days after Day 10
A student who provides formal notification within 10 business days of the
beginning of a semester or the period for which the student has paid fees that they will not be attending.
Regulated Tuition Fee programs:
All fees paid for upcoming semester(s) less $2200.00

Deregulated Tuition Fee programs:

Please note that the refund amount above has been calculated in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Binding Policy Directive.
Visa refusals
A student has been refused a visa to study in Canada.
copy of the refusal letterAll fees paid for upcoming semester(s), less $200 will be refunded.
Starting semester deferrals
A student is unable to start in the semester for which he/she has been
admitted (e.g., due to visa processing delays and other circumstances) and
requests a transfer of admission and fees paid to the first subsequent semester in which the same program is offered (e.g., Fall to Winter or Fall to Fall).
nonen/aAll fees paid for upcoming semester(s), less $200 will be held on account for the subsequent term.
Health reasons
A student is unable to start in the semester for which he/she has been admitted due to health reasons.
medical documentationRequests will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Program suspension
Cambrian suspends or cancels the program to which a student has applied.
n/an/ainternal confirmationn/aAll fees paid for the upcoming semester will be refunded in full.


  • After you complete the Request for a refund form, it MUST be submitted as part of your refund request on your OCAS account. If you have any questions about submitting documents, please contact
  • All refunds are issued in the student’s name unless otherwise authorized by the student. Students wishing to have their refund issued to someone other than themselves must consent to this and must complete the release section on the Request for refund form.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any address on file or on the Request for refund form is complete and correct.
  • There are three possible refund methods
    • By cheque to student (Canadian dollars)
    • By wire transfer if the original payment was made by wire.  A wire transfer fee of $100 will be charged to the student. Any additional charges related to incorrect banking information submitted for electronic transfers will be the responsibility of the student. Students requesting a wire transfer must also include letter from the bank indication the beneficiary name and account number.
    • By Flywire return – Any students who have made their payment through Flywire will have their funds returned to the same account/card and same currency which was used for payment.
  • Cambrian College will make every effort to process requests for refunds within 6 to 8 weeks of submission. Incomplete Request forms, missing documentation or incorrect information submitted may delay regular processing times.