Health and Wellness

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Learn more below about the health care coverage offered to international students, services offered in Sudbury and what to do in the case of an emergency!

Automatic Health Care Coverage 

All registered international students are automatically enrolled in a Canadian health insurance plan. There are 3 separate plans available:

  • Plan 1 – Prescription Focused Plan
  • Plan 2 – Vision Care Focused Plan
  • Plan 3 – Dental Focused Plan

If you don’t make any changes to your plan you are automatically enrolled in Plan 1 – The Prescription focused plan. You can visitwespeakstudent.comand choose Cambrian College from the drop-down menu to review details on the following: 

  • International student coverage 
  • How to submit a healthcare claim 
  • How to print your health plan card 
  • Where to get support

All registered full-time students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Insurance plan as of September 1st (September Start), as of January 1st (January Start) and as of May 1st (May start).

Note: You will have 30 days after the semester start date to make changes to the plan.

Family Plan

If you are moving to Canada with your family, you may choose the family plan at any time within 30 days of the effective date of insurance.  This MUST be done within the 30 day period of the current semester.  This can be done through Here you will also find information regarding costs associated with an addition of spouse or dependents.

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Walk-in Clinics 

Walk-in clinics are designed for individuals seeking medical care outside of emergency situations. 

There are three walk-in clinics open between the hours of 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. within walking distance of the College, as well as a number of additional clinics located throughout the city. Appointments are not required at any walk-in clinic in the city, or throughout Canada. 

The primacy Cambrian College walk-in clinic is located in the Royal Canadian Superstore (minutes from campus at 1485 LaSalle Blvd.). This location will accept international student insurance cards upfront and will not charge for doctor’s visit upfront.  

Urgent Situations 

In urgent situations, or for those that feel they need to see a doctor outside of walk-in clinic hours, the emergency department in Sudbury’s Hospital ( Health Sciences North ) is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. 

Emergency Situations 

Those in situations that require immediate attention/support can dial 911 from any mobile phone or landline to receive on-site health care, fire, or police support anywhere in Canada. 

Well Being at Cambrian College

At Cambrian, we believe that success in the classroom relies on wellness outside the classroom, for both our students and employees. That is why we have established a Wellness Team, made up of employees, faculty and students. They have been specially trained to offer support to their peers, through wellness initiatives and special events throughout the academic year.

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