Cambrian College Welcomes Students to a New School Year

Posted on Friday August 30, 2013
Residence Move In

The beginning of a new school year is just around the corner, and students from across Ontario as well as numerous international students will be moving in to residence at Cambrian College starting this weekend. Move-in is a well-coordinated and exciting time, and Cambrian President Peter Lawlor, along with College staff and student advisory council volunteers, will be on hand to welcome students and to help make the move in as smooth as possible.

Students will be setting up their spaces in dorms and townhouse-style residences, shopping for groceries and supplies, meeting new people, and making new friends. For many first-year students and their families, it is a major milestone, so Cambrian and residence staff will be working hard to provide them with the best, most welcoming experience possible.
After spending the day moving in, Cambrian students will have the opportunity to enjoy a jam-packed schedule of evening events designed to form new friendships.
First-Year Orientation

Over 2,200 students will be attending the First-Year Student Orientation to learn more about their program and to have some fun finding out about student life at Cambrian.
Engaging students is what orientation is all about. It is an opportunity for students to get to know their class mates, learn more about their programs and the student services at Cambrian, and to ease into college from high school or from wherever they are coming from in life.
The day will include program information sessions and a Pep Rally led by Drum Café’s Chris O’Neil, a leader in interactive drumming who energizes groups and leads team-building events around the world.
Gloria Staskus
Communications Manager
Cambrian College

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