The Cambrian Foundation: financing education and dreams

Posted on Tuesday July 15, 2014

SUDBURY – At 15, Whitney Jarvis was facing a lot of challenges in her life. She ended up being placed in foster care and spent five years living in a number of foster homes. It was a difficult time for Jarvis, but looking back, she is grateful for the support she received from the Children’s Aid Society, and credits her social workers with steering her in the right direction and inspiring her to set personal and career goals.

By the time she was 25, Jarvis was a mature and more focused adult, and at that time, decided that she wanted to help struggling youth, but was not sure she could afford the postsecondary education that she would need in order to activate her dream.

That’s where Cambrian College came in. Jarvis, who was enrolled in the Social Service Worker program, received the inaugural Evelyn Koski Crown Ward Assistance Award, which is valued at $1,500 and awarded by the Cambrian Foundation. With financial help in hand, Jarvis plans to obtain a Bachelor of Social Work degree from university after completing her two-year diploma at Cambrian.

“Being a single mom, that money allows me to spend more time with my daughter,” Jarvis says. “I don’t have to get a part-time job just to afford to go to school, so I am very grateful to have received this award.”

Although she says there has been “a lot more writing” than she first expected, the Social Service Worker program has been enlightening.

“It’s a great program, and it has really helped me understand a lot more about life and about myself,” Jarvis explains. “It helps me see things differently; and it’s helped me be a stronger, more focused person and a better mom.”

As catalysts that fuel ambition, awards are monies well-spent. Jarvis is just one of more than 400 award-winners to receive financial aid from the College. During the last fiscal year, the Cambrian Foundation distributed more than $500,000 in bursaries and scholarships, enabling students to pursue their dreams, while promoting community stewardship and economic development. For more information on the Cambrian Foundation awards program, please visit


About Evelyn Koski:

At a time when there were no student loans and few scholarships, the generosity of strangers enabled Evelyn Koski – the wife of Cambrian’s first president – to pursue her dreams at the University of Toronto. That educational opportunity changed her life and opened the door to a long career as an educator and social worker. Koski, 91 and now living in Toronto, established the Evelyn Koski Crown Ward Assistance Award at Cambrian College to help students who had been in foster care. Koski taught in Oxford County, Woodstock, the Greater Toronto area, and later at the Northern Ontario Institute of Technology in Kirkland Lake and then Laurentian University. She was also employed as a social worker with the Children’s Aid Societies in Toronto, Sudbury-Manitoulin and Kawartha-Haliburton. Koski was elected to the Sudbury Board of Education where she introduced a policy to report child abuse and neglect, and implemented mandatory training for all Board employees.


About the Cambrian Foundation:

The Foundation exists to champion Cambrian College, and to enhance the student experience and learning environment through its awards program and capital initiatives, as well as the procurement of equipment and services that promote a vibrant campus community.


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