Kindergarten students present creative challenge for Design and Visual Arts students

Posted on Monday April 10, 2017

Pictured above: Cambrian College student Curtis Brownell and kindergarten helper show off their masterpiece.

Cambrian College student Cassandra Genesse and Northeastern Elementary kindergarten student Ethan Paquet working hard on their art work

A unique collaboration between kindergarten students from Northeastern Elementary School and Cambrian College students enrolled in Art and Design Fundamentals and Design and Visual Arts  gave the college students a new perspective on their craft, and perhaps even on their world. As part of an assignment planned to creatively challenge the College students, they engaged the youngsters in a pre-art making discussion by asking them: “If you could do something to change the world, what would you do?”

The idea was to ask a broad question in order to spark a range of diverse responses, which they did receive. The kindergarten students came up with responses that ranged from wanting to change day into night, having dogs and cats in all different colours, and having unicorns everywhere, to more serious topics like homelessness.

Cambrian College student Hailey Cassio discussing creative ideas with Northeastern Elementary School youngsters

Art and Design Fundamentals student Hailey Cassio said, “One child wanted to make houses for the homeless and another wanted to make a world out of zeroes. Interacting with them, you can see that they have an intense wonder  when looking at the world; and they are so frank about how they feel.”

The Cambrian art students will be challenged to use the kindergarten students’ art as inspiration to create their own original works in order to instill change in the world. Working with the young students provided the College students with a rare opportunity to experience the children's unconstrained imagination.

“For them, art is about pleasure. They only draw or paint what they like,” said Art and Design Fundamentals student Curtis Brownell. “As a student, I’ve developed my style by chance and by experimenting, so it’s good to see these kids experimenting, too.”

A gallery show of all the artwork is scheduled for May 11 at Cambrian College’s downtown Open Studio.

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