Varsity Basketball Coach Optimistic

Posted on Friday February 26, 2016

“I’m feeling optimistic, for the team and the program,” noted Cambrian Golden Shield men’s basketball coach Luc Giroux.

Although Giroux’s team had a 1-17 regular season this year, the long-time educator at Collège Notre-Dame was optimistic about the team’s progress, even if it comes in relatively small increments.

Where in 2014-2015, the Shield men went winless, this year they celebrated victory on one special occasion. Where the 14-15 roster would see no less than 26 different players don a Cambrian jersey, the 15-16 edition featured just 18 total athletes, adding at least a modicum of stability to the program.

“We have been scoring about 10 points per game more this year, and we’re down by about five points per game on defense,” noted Giroux. “But some challenges still remain.”

When victories are scarce, coaches need a reason to forge ahead, in the face of great adversity. For most, this motivation comes courtesy of the young men and women entrusted to their watch.

“The core group of players this year were reliable; they understood the concept to begin with, and they were there for the duration of the season.” While he recognized that athlete commitment, in general, is an issue at multiple colleges across the OCAA ranks, Giroux continues to strive for something better.

“We may be doing better than some colleges, but personally, as a coach, I want a core group that will stay together and evolve together…a group that is there, every day, every game, so that we can build off that,” he said.

On the floor itself, his wish list is for a “big player, who can score, and a point guard who can score and also fill the point guard role,” said Giroux. Fill this wish list in the off-season, and the Cambrian men’s basketball team is bound to see more victories next season.

Cambrian’s Nursing Student Participate in Evacuation Exercise

Posted on Friday February 19, 2016

Students in Cambrian’s Practical Nursing program helped Extendicare York test its Emergency Preparedness Plan by acting as patients during a mock fire evacuation, which took place on February 11.  The exercise was monitored and evaluated …

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