Art and Design Fundamentals

Whether you want to follow in the artistic footsteps of Vincent van Gogh or work alongside animators employed by industry giants like Pixar and Dreamworks, this program will give you a solid foundation in creative art and design and get you started on whatever artistic adventure you choose to follow.

You will experiment with a diverse cross-section of style and media, including drawing, 2D and 3D design, illustration, graphic design, web design, digital photography and multi-media, and portfolio development. This intensive, hands-on experience will allow you to explore a wide range of media, subject, and style to strengthen your creative and artistic talents.

As a graduate, you can enter directly into the second year of Design and Visual Arts or use your portfolio to apply to specialized art or design programs.

What's in it for you?

Career outcomes*

  • Exhibiting artist

As part of the program you will have 4D Learning Opportunities where you'll collaborate with students from all Creative Arts and Design programs to create and install a mural in Sudbury that will help beautify a public space. You'll also be able to showcase your artwork in Cambrian's Open Studio gallery located in downtown Sudbury.

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Program starts

Fall 2020

Learning options

  • Full-Time

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