Power Engineering Technology

A registered 2nd Class power plant training facility on campus, curriculum that is endorsed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), and the only program of its kind in northern Ontario, are just a few of the reasons to take Cambrian's Power Engineering Technology program.

This program will help you maximize your career opportunities by preparing you to challenge the TSSA 2nd Class Operating Engineering exam. It will also prepare you for supervisory and management of both power plant systems and personnel. You'll gain knowledge and skills in all aspects of power plant operation and maintenance, both theoretical and practical, at the 4th Class level in first year, the 3rd Class level in second year, and the 2nd Class level in your final year.

Theoretical concepts discussed in class are further explained and illustrated in the College's Power Plant Training Facility – a registered 2nd Class plant where you will help operate and maintain equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

The third year is delivered as a combination of online courses and classroom experiences. This delivery alternative gives students the flexibility to learn from the convenience of their home communities.

Subjects of instruction closely follow the Standardized Power Engineers Examination Committee (SOPEEC) syllabus and help prepare you to challenge the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) examinations required for 4th Class, 3nd Class, and 2nd Class certifications as an Operating Engineer.


What's in it for you?

Career outcomes*

  • Certified 2nd Class operating engineer in manufacturing plants, co-generation facilities, mining operations, pulp and paper mills, hospitals, compressor plants and electrical generation plants.

Average Salaries*

Across these career outcomes, salaries in Canada range from:

$40,000 to $87,600


  • This program has been officially recognized and approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority

This program has been officially recognized and approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. This will grant a qualifying time reduction to you upon successful completion of the program.

Plan your future

Program starts

Fall 2020

Learning options

  • Full-Time
  • Co-op education
  • Apprenticeships

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