Smoke-Free Campus

Welcome to our smoke-free campus. To promote a healthy lifestyle and environment in which to work and learn, Cambrian College is smoke-free at its main Barrydowne Road campus, and satellite campuses in Valley East, Espanola, and Little Current.

The smoking, vaping, chewing, or ingesting of tobacco or cannabis products is not permitted, anywhere on College property, including Student Residence, inside private vehicles on College property, and inside College vehicles regardless of location.

The only exception will be the burning of tobacco for ceremonial purposes by the Wabnode Centre for Indigenous Student Services.

This applies to students, staff, faculty, visitors, contractors, and people renting College facilities, including after-hours and on weekends.

We have identified areas on the periphery of our property where people can smoke. They will be located at the entrance to the Trades Building (off Barrydowne Road at the crosswalk), and at the entrance to the college from Lamothe Street, across from Lasalle Secondary School. Smoking receptacles will mark the exact location. Please use these areas only, out of respect for our neighbours.

If you are interested in quitting smoking, there are a number of community-based resources to help you. We hope you enjoy our smoke free campus.


Recreational Cannabis

The USE (in any form), SALE, PURCHASING, GROWING, AND PROCESSING of recreational cannabis is PROHIBITED anywhere on college property, including in designated tobacco smoking areas.

Recreational cannabis must be stored in a sealed container.

Residence Staff will not accept deliveries of recreational cannabis purchased on-line.

Being under the influence of cannabis is not permitted at any College-sanctioned event or activity, regardless of location.

Medical Cannabis

The smoking of medical cannabis is restricted to community members having legal authority to do so (e.g. a valid prescription), and is restricted to areas on campus where tobacco smoking is permitted.

Community members having legal authority to smoke medical cannabis are encouraged to self-identify with the Manager, Equity, Human Rights and Accessibility.

Community members, who smoke medical cannabis, must carry on them at all times proof of their legal authority to do so, and provide proof of such authorization upon request to college authorities.


The College has the right to investigate complaints, observations or other reporting involving the improper use of cannabis on College property.

A person found to be in contravention to this policy may be subject to sanctions under the Code of Conduct or employee disciplinary procedures. Such sanctions may be progressive, in the case of repeated violations.

Know The Risks

Today’s cannabis products are more potent than ever, and cannabis use has been linked to health and behavioural risks.

Public Health Sudbury & District has helpful information about the risks associated with cannabis use.

Visit the website,