Computer Labs and WiFi

Hands typing on a laptop computerComputer Services at Cambrian College’s Barrydowne campus provides computing facilities for both academic and administrative activities.

There are over 30 teaching computer labs that include over 28 Windows PC labs and two Mac labs.

Students have unrestricted access to three open access labs that are available from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. every day of the week. Open access computers are available in

  • 1162 (SAC Lab)
  • 2640 (AutoCAD open access lab)
  • the Trades hallway

Students can access computers in the Library during regular operating hours.

Students with disabilities can access specialized software in four labs run by the Glenn Crombie Centre.

Internet and email are accessible to all registered students from any lab computer.

In addition to teaching labs, Cambrian has 55 high-tech classrooms and computers in numerous project rooms, specialized labs, shops, and teaching classrooms.

Students are provided Office 365 accounts that include access to email, access to web-based Office, a free download of the Office Suite and online file storage.

Questions? Contact Helpdesk in room 2165, call 705-566-8101, extension 7370, or email

Access faster* WiFi

WiFi is available throughout the main campus and courtyard. Before you can access WiFi, you must first sign onto a lab computer and change your password.

Device Settings

NETWORK NAME: Cambrian Wi-Fi

SECURITY: WPA2-Enterprise




*Actual performance may vary from location to location.